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    ₹ 35000
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    Foundation Level Videos
    Study Planner
    100% Coverage Video tutorials
    2500+ Chapterwise Question Bank
    Quick Notes [Self Study notes from Institute book]
    Mock Exam (Total 3)
    Q&A Videos (200 + Difficult Questions)
    Topic Wise Test (15 Test) [physical Copy)
    Revision Videos
    Doubt Solving Via online Live Session
    Placement Support
    Online Exclusive Webinar access for one year
    Trade Life Cycle [ Video Lectures]*
    Investment Banking Analyst Program [ Video Lectures]*
    ₹ 30000
    ₹ 32000
    100 Hours of Online Training
    Book Wise online Revision Session
    Video Backup for Revision [Mobile App]
    3500+ Question Bank with Solution [Soft Copy]
    Fintelligents Study Notes for each book [Soft Copy]
    200+ question solving recorded session
    Recorded session of Doubt Solving & Revision Session
    3 Exam Oriented Mock Papers Provided [Soft Copy]
    Doubt Solving Session
    ₹ 5000
    ₹ 8000
    2500+ Question Bank with Solution [Soft Copy]
    Fintelligents Study Notes for each book [Soft Copy]
    3 Exam Oriented Mock Papers Provided [Soft Copy]
    Study Planner
    Support for Preparation Planning for the Exam

    Essential Features

    Exhaustive Prep Material

    No other extra preparation is required apart from the Material referred to in our course.

    Conceptual Clarity

    We follow the core practical approach while explaining each and every concept of CFA examination.


    CFA Certified Trainer

    Our trainers are CFA with years of experience in Risk management with top Banks.

    Exhaustive Question Bank

    We provide exhaustive question bank for your complete preparation for the exam


    Cases of Success

    Nikita Mandawewala

    Very heartfelt thank you Fintelligent for guiding me and helping me in my Risk management Journey. Interactive and efficient faculty help me in getting my majority of doubts solved in the class itself. I would recommend Fintelligents to you all.Guys go for it!

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    Manali Agrawal

    Fintelligents Institute is more than just another coaching center. If you are serious about what you want, Fintelligent Institute is the right place for you. Highly qualified and experienced faculty with a practical academic approach has helped me immensely. Thank you so much Fintelligent Institute.

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    Tabrez Shaikh

    Fintelligents Institute gives you a holistic learning environment with a variety of mock questions and quick revision notes which minimizes the surprise element. The faculty is very approachable and gives you all possible assistance

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    Ronak Modi

    I cannot rave enough about the vast database of mock questions and test papers by Fintelligent Institute. As they say, practice makes a man perfect and Fintelligent Institute gave me the right tools to sharpen my skills

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    Nilesh Jain

    Fintelligent Institute simplifies complex sounding fundas which can benefit everyone to come up the learning curve. The study materials and program structure is very exhaustive. This is one stop shop guys, go for it

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    Jivan Dhakate

    Studying after a gap of 10 years was a big decision however Fintelligent Institute made me fall in love with what I was studying. The personal attention and end-to-end guidance by faculty have given me the confidence to excel at my learning. Thank you Fintelligents Institute for being my pillar of strength

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    Shraddha Shah

    Fintelligents Institute is one place that will not only prepare you with content knowledge but also build inner confidence and positive mindset required to achieve your goals. The special focus given on each student’s weak areas are a big bonus for those who are not meant for one size fits all traditional teaching methods

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    Drashti Gangar

    Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to achieve the goals. But without the right guidance, the journey becomes tough. Fintelligents Institute has given me the right tools and the best of class prep material for establishing strong roots. This has only taken me upwards and onwards, all thanks to Fintelligents Institute

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    Swapnil Gore

    I am impressed with Fintelligent Institute as a coaching institute where the trainer has taken so much effort to spark the curiosity of students outside the prescribed realms of the curriculum. You may get the same study material everywhere however, the industry examples, the personal experiences, the tips and tricks have made a lot of difference in my preparations and I will recommend Fintelligent Institute to everyone

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    Shailesh Sharma

    They say actions speak louder than words. So, my 1st Quarterlies in all the four subject in FRM Level 1 score should tell you all you need to know about Fintelligent as a learning institute

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    Arvind Ananthakrishnan

    The right foundation make things very easy no matter what field you are aiming at. Fintelligents was the source for me which gave me a strong conceptual knowledge & helped me in making through my FRM exams.

    FRM Part 1 & 2

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    Aman Milwani

    I found their (Fintelligents) teaching to be practical in its approach, which is a combination of the great faculty made my FRM journey a cakewalk.

    FRM Part 1 & 2

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    Sunny Kesarwani

    I would like to thank Fintelligents for their guidance & support, without which I can’t imagine my success in the FRM journey.

    FRM Part 1 & 2

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    About Ganesh Nayak


    Ganesh Nayak has been training FRM & CFA candidates for past 6 years. He is FRM & CFA certified trainer. He has considerable experience in the Finance and Risk Domain in Morgan Stanley, Nomura and Kotak Group.

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    CFA Institute was established in 1947. Over these 70+ years, The CFA® Program has emerged as the benchmark qualification for the investment industry. It has grown to over 150,000 charter holders around the world in more than 165 countries. These charterholders today work as Portfolio Managers, Equity Research Analysts, Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, CFOs and Risk Consultants.

    Completing The Program confirms mastery over the rigorous curriculum as can be evidenced by you. Clearing all the three levels of the exam is the main requirement for earning the CFA® charter. It covers content required for investment industry segments like Equity, Fixed Income, Private Equity, Derivatives and Real Estate.


    Level I

    Level II

    Level III

    • Introduction to asset classes-Equity, Fixed Income, Alternatives etc
    • Detailed learning of tools like Financial reporting & analysis, Quants, Economics etc
    • High regard to Ethics
    • Higher dive into the valuation of assets- like Equity- Fixed Income- Derivatives
    • Detailed learning of Tools- Financial statement analysis
    • Perspective change into Portfolio management of the assets
    • More than 50% weight to Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning


    Here are some other important info you need to know about CFA

    • For June attempt exam is conducted in 10 cities (India): Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune.
    • For December attempt exam is conducted in 5 cities (India): Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and New Delhi
    • There is no negative marking in these exams.
    • There is no limit on the number of attempts for re-taking the exam but exam fees are needs to be paid separately for each re-attempt.
    • The grading of the Program results happen on the basis of MPS ( Minimum Passing Score), after every exam, an MPS is calculated based on the performance of an average candidate. Based on the MPS the student gets the result of the same.

    Frequently Asked Question - CFA Exam

    To become a CFA Charterholder, you need to pass all 3 levels of the CFA exam. You can register for the level 1 exam if you meet the education and/or work experience requirements. The years of professional work also count when you pass the exams and want to use your CFA designation. Aspirants willing to pursue CFA must comply with the eligibility criteria.

    The eligibility of the CFA Level 1 program is as follows:

    • Candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline.
    • A candidate who is in the final year of the Bachelor’s program at the time of registration can also apply for the CFA program.
    • Applicants need to have at least four years of work experience.

    To become a CFA charter holder, you must have:

    • all 3 levels of the exam completed AND
    • at least 4,000 hours of relevant investment-related work experience, completed in a minimum of 36 months (full-time and part-time jobs, as well as remote work arrangements – before, during, or after your participation in the CFA Program – qualify).

    How much does a CFA candidate earn in India?

    • Ideally, if you are the CFA Level 1 cleared candidate in India then you should be able to get approx Rs 6 Lacs.
    • if you have cleared CFA Level 2 than approx your package should be around Rs 8 to 9 lacs depending upon the profile.
    • If you have cleared CFA Level 3 than ideally in MNC banks you should be able to command around Rs 12 Lacs annually.

    Job Profile for CFA Candidates in India:

    • Corporate Finance
    • Investment Research
    • Fixed Income Research
    • Investment Advisor/Consultant
    • Performance Analysis
    • Portfolio Management
    • Credit Analyst

    Clearing CFA along with a Full Time is very much possible, I have many students who have cleared the exam along with the full-time jobs.

    CFA examinations are challenging and you will need to be extremely disciplined and focused to complete the charter. Candidates are required to pass three levels of exams covering areas, such as accounting, economics, ethics, money management, and security analysis.

    Books to be used:

    • Get the Schweser Notes and Question from the Book Seller
    • Get Texas Instrument Calculator [ BA II Plus]

    Strategy for Preparation:

    • It is very important to strike a balance between work life and studies. Try to study as much as 2-3 hours per day and try solving as many questions as possible.
    • Focus on identifying difficult topics and revise them 2 to 3 times before the exam.
    • Since you get very little time to study, it is better that you stick to third-party notes instead of CFA institute material as they are concise and cover all the topics.
    • You can prepare a timetable and try to follow it. Question bank solving is a must as it makes you efficient and makes you aware of the exam environment.
    • Last-minute recaps are very beneficial as it refreshes your concepts.
    • Dedicate last 4-5 weeks only for mock tests as it helps you in understanding your strong and weak areas. If you are dedicated and focused, then you will be well prepared for your exams.

    Ethical and Professional Standards –

    This section tries to cover the professional standards and Ethical requirements of being an Investment Management professional. It also covers the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

    If you are scoring low or you are close to the minimum marks required then the score of this section can decide if the candidate will pass or fail.

    Quantitative Methods -

    This section tries to cover the basics of statistics and probability for the exam with the section focusing on Statistics, Probability, Hypothesis, Probability Distribution, etc.

    This section also covers the Time Value of Money which is the basis of calculations in corporate Finance & Fixed Income books

    Economics –

    This Section focuses on covering the topics related to Macro and Microeconomics in detail as it is the base for equity analysis and valuation.

    Financial Reporting and Analysis –

    This section is the largest and important section for the exam.

    This section requires the candidate to understand Financial statements like Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cashflow in details along with the account implication for different account standards

    Corporate Finance –

    This Section focuses on the decision-making of Capital and Risk allocation while doing business. This section broadly covers the capital budgeting, working capital, leverage as a concept in Finance

    Portfolio Management –

    This section focuses on understanding the nuance of creating the portfolio and risk/return profile of the portfolio management.

    This section also covers the Modern Portfolio and Capital Asset Pricing Model theory in detail.

    Equity –

    This section focus on the various methods for evaluation and valuation of Equity securities in the market.

    Fixed Income –

    This section focuses on various feature and valuation methods used for Fixed Income Securities like Corporate Bonds, Callable bonds, etc,

    Derivatives –

    This Section focus on the basics of Financial Derivatives like Futures, Forwards, Swaps, and Options which are available in the market.

    Further, this section also tries to give an overview of the valuation of these derivatives

    Alternative Investments –

    This section gives an overview to the candidates on the various other non-traditional investments like Real Estate, Commodity hedge Funds, Private Equity, etc.

    Overall the curriculum of CFA Level 1 is trying to give the candidate a flavor of the different aspects of the financial market and business so that candidate can be decided his interest accordingly.

    It is difficult but not impossible to clear the CFA Level 1 in 2 months of preparation. However, you need a lot of dedication and patience to sit for long hours to prepare.

    Study Materials:

    • Get the Schweser Notes and Question from the Book Seller
    • Get Texas Instrument Calculator [ BA II Plus]

    Preparation Strategy:

    You have 8 weeks for the exam. There are a total of 10 books for Level 1 which means ideally you should be

    • Completing 2 books each week to complete one reading and solving of the question bank in 5 weeks.
    • Next 1 week for Revision of the entire curriculum
    • Next 1 week for solving at least 3 mock Papers for the solving.
    • Last 1 week for final preparation and revision.

    Generally, taking into consideration their background, candidates prefer to start preparing from the subjects they are comfortable with and so, there is no particular sequence of topics.

    • However, if you are from a non-finance background, it is recommended that you start with the time value of the series which is included in the Quantitative Methods as it forms the base for other topics and is used extensively in other modules.
    • You can then go for Portfolio Management and Corporate Finance Topic
    • The Financial Reporting and Analysis module should be considered next as it is time-consuming. This includes a good understanding of Accounts and Financial Statement
    • Then you can go for Derivative, Alternative Investment, and Fixed income Together
    • Post which you can start for Ethics and Economics
    • Being from a non-finance background, it is important that you start 6-7 months prior to the exams and dedicate 1–2 hours daily for studying. Initially, start with CFA institute books, and later as time progresses start referring to third-party books.
    • Put more hours on weekends like 4 - 5 hours for preparation
    • Put in More hours for Financial Reporting and Analysis, Economics and Ethics books as these are the topics which I feel is where Non-Finance Students face a lot of problems
    • Try solving as many question banks as possible to get used to an exam-like environment and to increase efficiency.
    • Dedicate last one month for mock tests and recaps as they are very beneficial. In short, it is important that you start early and focus on understanding the concepts as it is the key to clearing CFA examinations.