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The Future of Sustainable Finance is here, with the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing. Developed by CFA Institute, this certificate addresses the rising demand for Professionals adept in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the investment process with 16,046+ registrations globally.

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    Program Structure and Curriculum

    📜Exam Format

    Exam Component Details
    Total Questions 100 multiple-choice questions
    Time Limit 2 hours and 20 minutes

    📜Exam Fees, Costs, and Scheduling

    Aspect Details
    Registration Fee USD 865
    Testing Locations Check the list of test center locations
    Exam Result Access Within 24 hours

    📜Exam Results

    Result Type Details
    Grading “Pass” or “Did not pass”
    Feedback Detailed performance feedback
    Result Delivery On-screen at the end of the exam and emailed to you

    Benefits of CFA ESG Certificate

    📄 2024 Certificate Syllabus and Topic Weights:

    Topic Weight Range
    Overview to ESG Investing and the ESG Market 8–15%
    Environmental Factors 8–15%
    Social Factors 8–15%
    Governance Factors 8–15%
    Engagement and Stewardship 5–10%
    ESG Analysis, Valuation and Integration 20–30%
    ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction and Management 10–20%
    Investment Mandates, Portfolio Analytics and Client Reporting 5–10%

    📄 Eligibility Criteria and Exam Information:

    Criteria Details
    Recommended Background Solid grounding in the investment process
    Formal Entry Criteria None (No formal entry criteria)
    Exam Scheduling Throughout the year (flexible scheduling)
    Pass Rate Average pass rate is 81%
    Recognition Successful candidates receive a digital badge and the CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing

    Job Opportunities after Becoming ESG Certified

    • ESG certifications enhance job prospects in various finance careers, such as ESG Analyst, Financial Consultant, Green Bond Specialist, Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor, Actuary, Pension Fund Trustee, Risk Management Professional, Data Science and Analytics roles, Accounting, and Regulatory and Compliance positions.
    • Certified professionals can find opportunities in banks, investment firms, consulting and accounting firms, regulatory bodies, and organizations emphasizing sustainable finance practices.
    • Job roles may involve ESG analysis, advising on sustainable finance strategies, integrating ESG factors into investment decisions, managing portfolios with a focus on sustainability, and contributing to risk management practices associated with ESG considerations.

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    Fintelligents Plan

    Choose Fintelligents as your learning partner with:

    Fintelligents Plan Features Details
    Practical Learning Over 120 hours of classroom training, including doubt-solving sessions and quizzes.
    Expert Faculty Learn from FRM/CFA certified professionals with corporate experience.
    Mock Tests Practice with mock exams to simulate the actual exam environment.
    Timely Revision Ensure thorough understanding with timely revisions of all topics.

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    CFA ESG Exam Frequently Asked Questions

      • Far from it, the CFA ESG certification remains attractive amidst evolving industry trends.
      • No, it depends on effort and interest. Passing can significantly boost your career.
      • It’s a 2-hour, 100-question test on ESG investing principles and strategies.
      • No, they aim to assess your understanding of ESG concepts and details.
      • Plan for about 130 hours, especially if new to ESG concepts.
      • Topics include ESG fundamentals, disclosure, financial analysis, and more.
      • It enhances ESG risk management skills, boosts resume, and opens doors to better-paying roles.
      • Roles include Investment Officer, Portfolio Analyst, ESG Advisory Manager, and more across various sectors.
      • Both have benefits; CFA ESG focuses on ESG investing, while Garp SCR emphasizes climate risks.
      • Register on the CFA Institute website for free access to syllabus, PDFs, self-assessment questions, and mock exams.