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Sustainability and Climate Risk

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    What is SCR® ?

    The GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate is an extensive online certification program targeted toward finance professionals and individuals interested in the field of sustainability and climate risk management. Its objective is to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills required to assess, prioritize, and effectively manage sustainability and climate risks across various industries.
    As the significance of sustainability and climate risk management continues to grow in the financial sector, businesses and investors are realizing the necessity to address and mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Recognizing this need, the GARP SCR® Certificate offers a comprehensive understanding of these risks along with the necessary tools and techniques to manage them. The program encompasses the fundamental principles of sustainability and climate risk management, including the identification and assessment of risks, as well as strategies for mitigating and managing these risks.

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      SCR® Course Opportunities



      Candidates enrolled in the SCR® certificate program will gain knowledge critical to managing sustainability and climate risk.



      The SCR® certificate is part of GARP’s flagship certifications and educational programs, recognized by firms worldwide.



      The quality of SCR® certificate is supported by a peer-reviewed, rigorous assessment developed by domain experts and updated regularly to ensure currency and relevance.



      SCR® Certificate holders benefit from engaging with global networks and are empowered to navigate broader international perspectives — inviting opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and value creation.

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          Roadmap to earning the SCR® certification with Fintelligents.


          To become an SCR Certificate holder, you need to pass a tough multiple-choice Exam. To start the process, register for an SCR Exam during the specified exam window. Check the Exam Logistics page for dates.

          scr exam


          Once registered, access the GARP portal to manage program info, track progress, and schedule the Exam. Prepare by using official study materials, SCR books, and stick to SCR deadlines. GARP suggests about 100 hours of prep for the SCR Exam.


          The SCR Exam has 80 multiple-choice questions and a three-hour time limit. Passers get an electronic certificate and a LinkedIn-compatible digital badge.


          After passing, you can continue learning via the CPD program. Although not mandatory, it’s highly recommended. Enjoy exclusive learning benefits with GARP Individual Membership.

          PASS RATES

          April 2023: 57%

          If you don’t pass, register at a reduced rate in the next two exam cycles. Pass rates change due to candidate numbers. 6,981 candidates have taken the SCR Exam since its inception.

          Benefits of Pursuing the SCR® Course?

          • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of sustainability and climate risk.
          • Improved career prospects and increased job opportunities.
          • Competitive advantage in the financial industry.
          • Globally recognized certification.
          • Ability to contribute to effective sustainability and climate risk management.
          • Alignment with stakeholder expectations and demands for transparency.
          • Opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

          Eligibility of SCR® Course

          The SCR® Program welcomes participants without any prior educational or professional prerequisites. It is imperative to adhere to the subsequent framework:

          1. Exam 3 hours – 80 MCQs
          2. Computer Based Exam at the center
          3. No Negative Marking


            1. Foundations of Climate Change: What is Climate Change?   5. Green and Sustainable Finance: Markets and Instruments
          2. Sustainability   6.  Climate Risk Measurement and Management
          3. Climate Change Risk   7. Climate Models and Scenario Analysis
          4. Sustainability and Climate Policy, Culture, and Governance   8. Net Zero

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              SCR® Courses


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              • Study Planner
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              • Past Year GARP SCR® Sample Papers

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              [Video Lecture Package]

              Oct 2024

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              • 30 Hours of Video Lectures for all chapters [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • Total 500+ Question Bank with Solution [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • All Chapter Wise Question Set [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • 4 Exam Oriented Mock Papers Provided [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • Summary PPT [Mobile App + Web Access]
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              Oct 2024

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              • 3 Group Live Session for Exam Preparation in Sep month [One Session of 1 hour]
              • 30 Hours of Video Lectures for all chapters [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • Total 500+ Question Bank with Solution [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • All Chapter Wise Question Set [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • 4 Exam Oriented Mock Papers Provided [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • Summary PPT [Mobile App + Web Access]
              • Access to the Doubt Solving Group
              • Access to Fintelligents Exam Update on Telegram Channel
              • Study Planner
              • Access till Oct Exam
              • Past year GARP Sample Paper

              Why Choose Fintelligents For SCR® Course?

              Exam Policy

              Identification Policy

              Candidates must present a form of ID that meets ALL of the following requirements to gain admission to the SCR® Exam:

              1. Original (not a photocopy) and valid
              2. Non-expired
              3. Government-issued
              4. Contains a current photograph of the candidate
              5. Contains candidate’s signature

              Below is a list of possible acceptable forms of identification:

              1. Passport
              2. U.S. passport card
              3. U.S. military ID
              4. U.S. Dept. of State driver’s license
              5. National/state/country identification card
              6. Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
              7. Government-issued local language ID (plastic card with photo and signature)

              Any form of digital identification will not be considered valid. 

              It is imperative that the name provided during registration matches precisely with the candidate’s identification on the day of the exam. This entails an exact match of the first name, last name, and any middle name or initial. 

              GARP strictly adheres to its Identification Policy, leaving no room for exceptions. In the event that a candidate fails to present an acceptable form of identification as specified above, they will be denied entry to take the SCR® Exam.

              Registration Policy

              To register successfully for the SCR® Exam, candidates must:

              1. Complete the registration form online
              2. Pay the registration fee

              If a candidate chooses not to proceed with scheduling and taking the exam after completing the registration process and paying the registration fee, they will forfeit the registration fee unless they request a refund within 48 hours. 

              It is important to note that as part of the registration process, candidates must agree to uphold the Candidate Responsibility Statement and adhere to the GARP Code of Conduct..

              Refund Policy

              Candidates have 48 hours after submitting their SCR® exam registration payment to request a refund. All refund requests must be received via email to

              Retake Policy

              In the event that candidates do not pass their SCR® Exam, choose not to schedule their exam, or schedule but do not take the exam, they have the option to pay a one-time retake fee of USD 350. This opportunity is available during the next two exam cycles only. 

              If there are any changes to the curriculum before the candidate retakes the SCR® Exam, they will receive an updated version of the curriculum free of charge. However, this will be provided in eBook format only.

              Scheduling Policy

              Registered candidates have the option to schedule an in-person Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Exam at a Pearson VUE test center. It is important for candidates to schedule their exam at least 48 hours in advance of their desired exam start time within the April or October windows, based on their registration. To ensure fairness, exams are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

              In the event that candidates need to make changes to their scheduled exam, such as rescheduling or changing the exam site, they can do so through the Pearson VUE scheduling website. However, any changes must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam start time, and are subject to availability.

              It is important to note that candidates who fail to schedule their SCR® Exam or do not appear for their scheduled exam appointment will forfeit their exam fee. Therefore, it is essential for candidates to carefully plan and prioritize their exam scheduling to avoid any unnecessary losses.

              Attendance Policy

              Candidates who arrive at the check-in area beyond the designated start time indicated on the Confirmation of Appointment email will be denied entry into the SCR® exam room and considered tardy. Such candidates will not be eligible for a refund or deferral (whether paid or free) and will forfeit their opportunity to take the exam. fee(s).

              Deferral Policy

              SCR® candidates may only defer an exam registration once to the next exam window.

              A deferral to the next exam window must be submitted and paid by the below deferral deadlines:

              1. April exam window – April 1, 2023
              2. October exam window – October 1, 2023

              There is an administrative processing fee of USD 100 to defer.

              Candidates deferring into the next exam year will receive the new SCR® eBook for free when it becomes available.

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              Success stories

              Frequently Asked Question -SCR® Exam

              Yes, the GARP SCR® Certificate is recognized by businesses and organizations around the world.

              There are no prerequisites for the GARP SCR® Certificate, however, participants should have a basic understanding of finance and risk management.

              The program provides access to a virtual community of like-minded professionals, where participants can network and share their experiences.

              The program is suitable for finance professionals looking to enhance their skills, business managers interested in integrating sustainability and climate risk considerations into their decision-making processes, and environmental specialists seeking to expand their expertise in finance and risk management.

              • Upon completion of the program, participants will receive an official GARP certificate and a digital badge, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and climate risk management.

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