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CFA or CA – Which is better?

CFA or CA – Which is better?

CFA is employed in the field of investment management. Compensations for CFA are very high as compared to CA. Before deciding on any field you need to assess your interest first. Do not follow the herd rule. Passing a CFA exam is an arduous task, it takes dedication, commitment, determination, and also it shows how committed an individual is towards their career. It is beneficial for the company to hire CFA’s also; it has benefits for a candidate as it is considered as one of the highest-paid professions.

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The charter holders are also internationally mobile as it is globally certified. Some of the jobs positions often considered by CFA charters are:

Portfolio management – CFA course has a topic on portfolio management skills so many pass outs pursue further in this designation.

Research Analyst Research is done on the financial status of an organization including other aspects based on that decisions are made. This role has different names in different organizations like investment analyst, equity analyst, financial analyst, etc. 

Consultant – In CFA course corporate finance topics are covered which helps a candidate in performing the role of a consultant in advising and providing different alternatives and suggestions to the firm/company 

Investment banking analyst – The analyst has to analyze, evaluate before making an investment decision. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the parts of the investment banking division. CFA course offers topics such as corporate investment, economics which helps a candidate to perform the role successfully. 

Whereas, CA needs a lot of hard work and patience. There are lots of people who appear for this exam in India. Because of many candidates level of passing is low. The percentage of passing is around 2-3%. The passing percentage of CFA is 40%.

When it comes to investing money in the course CA is cheaper than CFA. But if you do classes for CA it becomes equally expensive as CFA. For CFA you pay a huge amount in USD ($) if you have to retake your exam in CA the amount for retaking the exam is very low. CA in India is currently facing competition with ACCA (Global Degree) itself.

In the future, you will find a lot of MBA degrees & Graduate degrees will be aligned to the CFA course as many students now a day are appearing for the CFA exam. More popular the exam the more difficult it will be to crack, so comparatively now CA is tougher than CFA.

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CFA offers scope in jobs such as research analyst, portfolio management, investment banking analyst, etc. but when its scope is compared in India even CA’s work in these profiles. CFA is becoming popular in India but CA is widely known. Many jobs such as investment banking analysts, mergers and acquisition analysts, etc. are CA focused in India and are now becoming more CFA focused.

So, scope wise in India CA/CFA will help you land in more or less a similar profile with similar rewards. However, the future is all about International degrees as it will be applicable across the globe.

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