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Investment banking after CFA: How do I start a career in investment banking?

How do I start a career in investment banking after CFA?

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certification offered by the CFA Institute provides a strong financial foundation and is even recognized as a post-graduate qualification in many aspects. It is one of the widely recognized and accepted credentials in the world.

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There are two-fold benefits of pursuing CFA for a role like investment banking:

Content knowledge – The curriculum of CFA is very exhaustive and covers advanced concepts of finance in great detail. Right from basics of what are different kinds of financial products, how do the financial markets function, how are different products valued and priced, basic of asset and wealth management to just name a few. The all-encompassing thoroughness of CFA is very much aligned with the skill sets demand in investment banking and this is why it makes it such a good fit. Besides, CFA is known to update the syllabus updated regularly to remain aligned with the industry trends which is advantageous for a CFA candidate in a fast-paced environment like investment banking.

Go-getter attitude – it is important to keep in mind that CFA is not a cakewalk. They require dedication, structured planning, commitment, focus, and practice – something which is challenging but not impossible. Unlike some of the traditional examinations, they cannot be studied overnight as they require an in-depth understanding of concepts and their practical applications. Typically, 300 hours are required to clear each level in CFA (3 levels). As it is common knowledge, investment banking as an industry also requires a strong dedication, perseverance, and hustle, and hence, this will not be unfamiliar with a CFA candidate.

However, it is important to understand that the traditional educational degrees have not become redundant, but some incremental upgrades may go a long way to cope with the changing industry trends. Financial certifications like CFA, FRM are not only globally recognized but also equip today’s workforce with an edge that is aligned with the current market requirements.

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With technology taking over the repetitive tasks, companies are looking for smart thinkers which these certifications help one to stand out with. And this is especially true in a profile like investment banking where companies are looking for smart working individuals and not just hard-working individuals.

Good coaching and mentor-ship can prove to be extremely beneficial in clearing these exams and more importantly, in building a foundation in not just investment banking but in various verticals of a finance career.


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