FRM Jobs – Job Opportunities for FRM Candidates

Jobs Opportunities for FRM Candidates:

FRM Program gives a perfect and distinctive edge to you when compared to other risk professionals operating in Finance and Banking Domain. We wish to let you know some of the most sought-after job roles that you can pursue after completing the FRM Program for your Risk Management career.

Below is the list of FRM Related Jobs Opportunities


Market Risk:

  • Candidates can use their experience and knowledge of an industry or market trends to identify, measure, monitor, and control market risk.


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Credit Risk:

  • Candidates will be a part of the team which takes care of all the counterparty risk and country risk related to the trades or dealing of the organization.


Operational Risk:

  • Candidates will conduct risk evaluation to make decisions about the significance of the risks that would make an impact on the operations of the organization and whether each specific risk should be accepted or treated.


Compliance :

  • Candidates will be helping the organization in understanding and implementation of regulatory requirements from various global plus domestic regulator.


Stress Testing:

  • Candidates will be part of the team that can check on “What if Scenarios” like a sudden decrease in the interest rate or market volatility and its impact on the firm’s portfolio.


Risk & Control Team:

  • Candidates will use his understanding of the various functions & processes within the organization to highlight the effective use of controls to reduce risk.
  • Managing Firm Policy and Procedures are generally a part of the team’s work.


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Risk Methodology Team:

  • The candidate will help the organization to create valuation and risk models to ensure that the firm is better prepared for future changes.


Model Validation [Model Review Group]:

  • The candidate will help in validating and reviewing the models created by the Risk team to avoid any unintended result from the model.


Enterprise Risk Management:

  • The candidate will be part of the team which will be responsible for managing the entire risk of the firm as well as risk macro-level related reporting to the senior management.



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