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Salary After CFA

Salary After CFA

In the long term, your salary would depend on how you perform in a particular role. A lot depends on which industry and the role you want to pursue your career as well as where in the world you intend to work.
The CFA has a strong reputation for financial knowledge, skill, and determination, stronger than university degrees.

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The CFA certified in the United States has the scope of earning more than $100,000 annually. According to industry experts, an entry-level CFA earns an average of $47,000 – $52,000 annually. Having two to three years of work experience in the same field, a CFA certified can earn more than $60,000 per annum. CFA certified working as Chief Finance Officers in organizations earn the maximum in the US.

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CFA Salary in India. An entry-level CFA certified earns an annual salary of Approx. Rs. 3 lakhs. With the increase in years of experience, the salary figure keeps increasing. Having seven to eight years of experience, a CFA certified can earn an average annual salary of Rs. 12 lakhs onward. The employer type and working ground are also considered in deciding on the CFA salary. Companies irrespective of the size have been paying attractive salaries to CFA credential certified in India.

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The average annual salary in the UK is £28,350. Experienced people have the scope of earning up to £98,529.
In Singapore, a CFA credential certified earns from S$15 k to S$235 k annually.

The salary is (Dependent) variable on the Skillset (The Independent variable). It varies with extreme volatility between professionals.
However as per Industry Averages:
Job Salary CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)Rs. 700000 – Rs. 2400000
Financial Analyst = 10–19 LPA
Equity Research Associate =7–11 LPA
Research Analyst = 7–13 LPA
CFA’s are recruited for all the levels of management so the salary mainly depends upon Past Education & Experience before or during CFA.


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