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Minimum Passing Score FRM Level 1

What are the Minimum Passing Score for the FRM Level 1?

There is no such fixed defined minimum passing score set by the institute [GARP] as a minimum passing percentage. As highlighted by the institute, around 46% is the pass percentage for FRM level 1 and this passing percentage keeps fluctuating between 40% – 60%. every year.

Pass Percentage for Previous Year for FRM Level 1 Exam has been as per below.

  • 2017 – 45%
  • 2018 – 42%
  • 2019 –  46%

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There are 4 subjects in FRM Part 1 for which the weight ages are:

●Foundations of Risk Management (Book 1) – 20%

●Quantitative Analysis (Book 2) – 20%

●Financial markets and Products (Book 3) – 30%

●Valuation and Risk models (Book 4) – 30%


How many Questions to Solve

  • Since you get quartile for each book, you should ideally get 75% -80% of the questions correctly solved for each book.
  • Bookwise Bifurcation –
    • If you are able to solve 14 Questions correctly from Book 1 and Book 2
    • If you are able to solve 22 Questions correctly from Book 3 and Book 4
  •  The focus should be on Book 3 and Book 4 as the weightage of these 2 books is comparatively higher.
  • It doesn’t mean ignore Book 2,  it has quants which is considered difficult and tricky by most of the students as it includes Statistics.
  • Low Passing Rate for the exam is due to the fact that many students are appearing for the exam in recent years because of its growing popularity. Also, most of the candidates underestimate the preparation time needed for this exam by procrastinating studying.

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How to Tackle the exam 

  • Create a proper strategy and study throughout the start of the exam at least 4 months before the exam.
  • Don’t use parrot-fashion learning of mugging the concept instead try to get clarity and understanding related to the concepts.
  • Questions will be more theoretical and will check your understanding regarding the topics from the curriculum
  • Time Management is important
  • Practice as many as 2000+ questions across the books
  • Make yourself comfortable with the financial calculator efficiently.
  • The exam also tests the candidate’s analytical skills while answering the question. So read, analyze then answer the question.
  • Start preparing early, sincerely prepare a time table and stick to it, go through the videos on how to use a financial calculator, study, solve, practice questions, and revise.
  • There are classes, online sources that a candidate can consider to sail smoothly through it.


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