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What is FRM and it’s eligibility?

What is FRM and it’s eligibility?

FRM is the most acclaimed global designation in finance. FRM exam takes place in 165 countries all over the world. FRM is specifically designed for the risk management area in finance. FRM means Financial Risk management. To receive the professional FRM designation, one must complete a comprehensive two-part exam and complete two years of work experience in financial risk management. Professionals who have an FRM designation can participate in optional continued professional development.

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It is divided into two parts which can be appeared together or separately. The exams are in May and November. There are passing criteria for the FRM. If one is taking both parts together, your part two will be evaluated only if you pass part one. Part two has to be cleared within 4 years of passing part one.

FRM Eligibility:

There are no prerequisites needed to register. Although two years of work experience is required along with passing part one & two to obtain the FRM Certification. The FRM Exam Part one focuses on the tools used to assess financial risk. The topics include;  Foundations of risk management concepts, Quantitative analysis,  Financial markets, and products & Valuation and risk models.

The FRM Exam Part two focuses on the application of the tools acquired in the FRM Exam Part one. The topics include; Market risk measurement and management, Credit risk measurement and management, operational and integrated risk management, Risk management and investment management & Current issues in financial markets.

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It takes about one to two years to clear the FRM certification exam. The FRM certification is officially certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

FRM can help you in your career to get high profile jobs such as credit risk management, market risk management, operational risk management, etc. FRM increases your chances to get your dream job. The charter holders are also internationally mobile as it is globally certified. Salary may vary depending on the location and also, as per the grade in the organization.

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